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Yet Another New Girl

Who: Open if you want it to be
Where: Classroom in Spensers
When: Monday? If that works? Tuesday if it doesn't. iFlex
Why: makin' it game canon, baby

Corrine supposed it was for the best, in the end. The fire had been the start of it - she and Roland had decided that. The fire, and the witches who'd set it. Their mother had told their father in no uncertain terms she didn't want them to be a part of it.

"Tom, I'm not even kidding you," Miranda said. She tried to keep her voice low, knowing that Corey and Roland were in the next room - and the hotel walls were thin. "This is not a life I want them living. Not either of them. This is not a life I want to be living, Tom."

"Mirri..." He started, but sighed. "You knew what I was, when you married me. There is no such thing as ex for a hunter."

"Then they don't start. I know you've been training them behind my bac--"

"For their own good!" he exploded. "Do you want them to be defenseless? You think a witch won't come for them, when they find out what I am? Or for you?"

"I can handle myself, Tom. You made sure of that. I don't want you training them. I don't want you taking them out patrolling with you."

She settled in front of the vanity, brushing out her hair. She was trying to be quiet - she didn't want to wake up her roommate. Heather was nice enough, pretty, friendly, and she didn't mind having a roommate.

"I was getting lonely, anyway. We got a new girl a few weeks ago, but they put her with Erica. Sucked. But I'm glad they put you in here."

Corey hadn't been sure what to say to that, so she'd smiled, and nodded, and mumbled something about being glad, too.

Once her hair was as smooth as it was going to get, Corrine rose to put on the uniform. This was a new experience for her - a private school, with uniforms. But her mother had insisted. Corey hadn't seen the point in her putting Roland in, too - but she was glad she had. She didn't want to go through this alone.

She wished she didn't have to wear a skirt. She gazed at herself in the mirror, turning to view her right side. The scar wasn't ... awful, she knew. It could've been worse. She could've lost her leg, or died.

The night before, when she'd been getting ready for bed, Heather had seen it. "Oh, my God! What happened to your leg?"

She'd exclaimed it with such ... innocence ... that Corey hadn't taken offense. The memory hurt though, and she dropped her eyes and spoke softly. "Ah ... there was a fire, when I was younger. Our house almost burned down, and I got trapped. It could've been worse." She was alive, after all. It could've been so much worse.

Corrine sighed, and gathered her bookbag. As she opened the door to the bedroom, she heard her roommate's alarm go off, and she shook her head. How she could stand only having fifteen minutes to get ready, Corey wouldn't know. But, to each their own.

Making sure she had her room key, she made her way to the Provost's office. She imagined Roland would be there - or on his way there, if he was running late - and she was looking forward to seeing him. And seeing if they had any classes together. She knew she was probably going to wind up in at least a couple of senior classes, but whether or not she'd share them with him, she didn't know. She hoped so, though. Then they could do some of their homework together.

Once she reached the Provost's office, she knocked and then let herself in after he called out. She smiled when she saw Roland, and she crossed over to settle in the chair beside him. They both listened to the Provost go over the expectations he had for them, and then he gave them their schedules before dismissing them for their homeroom. Different homerooms, because they were different grades, but in the same direction.

After they'd been released, and had stepped out of the office, Corey reached over for Roland's schedule to compare it to her own. Two classes together. Good. She stretched up to kiss his cheek softly before handing him his schedule back.

"You ready for this?" He asked her softly, rubbing the small of her back gently.

"I'm ready," she said softly. "You?"

"Guess so," he said, feigning a dramatic sigh. "See you ...?"

"Second period, lunch, and seventh. Going to eat lunch with me?"

"Yes. Unless you manage to make a herd of friends before then, and there's no room for me."

"There's always room for Roly," she teased him softly before she gestured to the hall she had to go down for her homeroom.

He nodded, and he hugged her gently before he turned away to start down the hall to his own.

Corrine watched him go, bit her lip, then turned to move down the hall. She looked at the people she passed, but after a while, everything swam together in a sea of blue uniforms. Shaking it off, she eased into her homeroom, and checked in with the teacher before finding a place to sit.

** ** **

Ashley wouldn't have noticed at all, if Brenna hadn't grumbled something about another new girl. Looking up from the text she was composing to Chase, her eyes widened when she saw who the new girl was. "B," she hissed. "B, that's her!"

"Her...?" Brenna was ... distracted, and connections were slow to be made.

"Corrine. The ... the girl I told you about. The ex-hunter from the other reality."

Brenna turned her eyes a little more critically on the girl. Was she a hunter, here? Former or active? Her eyes flicked past the girl, to the boy she was greeting. "Who's that?" She nodded toward the blond boy.

Ashley frowned. He was new, too. But Corey had a brother, so maybe ... "Her brother," she decided. "Roland."

Brenna nodded, reaching for her phone, then changing her mind. Who was she going to tell what? "You're staring," she pointed out to Ash.

"I am not..." She muttered - even though she was. She huffed and dropped her eyes to finish the text - though she had stuff to add on to it, now. She wondered if they'd kick her ass if she tried to make friends with the girl, and her eyes shifted to study her. She smiled when Corey happened to glance over and caught her eye - and she was pleased that Corey returned the smile.

Well, it was certainly a start.
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